Our massages are a different experience because we have combined various manual techniques with Traditional Chinese Medicine to create something of our own, very easy to learn and incorporate into our lives. This technique that we have called Pinjing is used for any type of ailment, whether muscular, skeletal or organic. And they have a direct impact on the mind’s ability to relax and on a psychic level.


This ancient technique is the cornerstone of Traditional Chinese Medicine. With the use of needles, heat or your own fingers you can work on key points of the body, where energy is concentrated. Thanks to its study for centuries, it has been possible to decipher the current map of meridians that run through the body. By working on them we can achieve symptom relief and restoration of balance. Under the Eastern paradigm, this function has an emotional impact, which is why acupuncture serves to go to the deep causes of the processes in restoring health in a comprehensive and holistic way.

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